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Aerial Work Platforms

Reach new heights with M.W. Rentals’ aerial work platforms! Safe, efficient, and versatile solutions for elevated projects. Rent now for superior access!

At MW Rentals, we provide a comprehensive range of aerial equipment, ensuring the safe and efficient completion of your projects. From scissor lifts to boom lifts, and manlifts from 35’ to 120’, we have the diverse equipment you need to meet your job requirements. Our rental process is straightforward and hassle-free, offering flexible terms tailored to your specific project needs. Moreover, we prioritize safety by providing all necessary safety equipment and training, ensuring you can operate our aerial equipment with confidence.

Whether you're working in confined spaces or on uneven surfaces, MW Rentals has the solution to elevate you safely. Our elevated work platforms (EWP) and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP) are designed to take you to the heights you need. With a variety of height platforms and aerial lift rentals, including scissor lifts, articulating manlifts, atrium lifts, and straight boom manlifts reaching up to 185 feet, MW Rentals delivers safe, innovative, and efficient solutions for elevated access.

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Equipment for Rent | Aerial Work Platforms
Articulating Boom Lift

Elevate your projects with M.W. Rentals’ articulating boom lifts! Flexible and precise, these lifts navigate tight spaces with ease. Rent now for versatile and efficient aerial access. Reach new heights, effortlessly!

Equipment for Rent | Straight Boom Lifts
Straight Boom Lifts

Gain the advantage of height with M.W. Rentals’ straight boom lifts! Reliable and robust, perfect for reaching elevated sites quickly and securely. Rent now for efficient, high-reaching solutions. Elevate your projects with confidence!

Equipment for Rent | Towable Manlifts
Towable Manlifts

Take your work to new heights with M.W. Rentals’ towable manlifts! Compact, portable, and versatile, ideal for various elevated tasks. Rent now for efficient, mobile access. Elevate your productivity with ease!

Stock image of an orange JLG scissor lift against a white background.
Scissor Lifts

Effortlessly elevate your projects with M.W. Rentals’ scissor lifts! Safe, stable, and versatile, these lifts provide reliable access for various tasks. Rent now for efficient, elevated performance. Reach new heights with confidence!

Silver vertical mast lift on a white background.
Vertical Mast Lifts

Ascend with precision using M.W. Rentals’ vertical mast lifts! Compact, agile, and perfect for indoor tasks. Rent now for efficient, vertical access in tight spaces. Elevate your projects with ease and accuracy!

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